If you’re looking for assistance managing your residential property, or in running your homeowners or condominium association, we can help you achieve the highest results in receiving the full benefits of owning an investment property. We are a full service Property Management company. Property Management/Asset Management are crucial in maintaining property values. CA Condo Management Company carefully plans out operating budgets, capital improvement budgets as well as sales and marketing plans.

Ca Condo Management takes care of all day-to-day details of managing and maintenance of your property. This includes all aspects of resident or tenant move-in and move-out processing such as key distribution and parking assignments. We have an established and proven procedure to ensure all moving details are addressed in a professional and timely fashion.

CA Condo Management takes care of all property grounds keeping, including landscaping, leaf raking and snow removal to ensure you have a professional and safe environment for your community.

We provide expert advice on quality, local ancillary services such as cable or satellite television services, laundry, day care, parks, shopping and more for your NE Ohio community.

A critical component to property operation’s strategy is to monitor the properties yields and to get a handle on expenses to insure maximum returns for our clients.

With our experience and reputation we have the ability to get outstanding pricing and service from vendors such as insurance underwriters, lawn and snow vendors as well as other sub-contractors.

Our hands on approach to managing our staff and vendors accountability to our owners create greater financial results.
It is our attention to detail that puts us apart from our competition.

We apply our skills and experience in solving problems that typically arise in rental properties to ensure both, owner and tenant satisfaction. Keeping tenants happy is the key to maximize return on your investment.

Why CA Condo management?
We have over 30 years of experience managing communities and properties of all sizes and types. We offer state of the art property management software so that our clients have the easy of knowing what their property is doing in an easy concise statement. Throughout our company, we extensively train our people so that they offer not only the highest quality of service to our clients but also the most efficient. Please take a few minutes and review some of the aspects of property management below.

We use all available sources to find qualified tenants: on site advertising, internet advertising, open houses, and on site leasing agents so that your property never looses a potential prospect.. Our goal is to fill vacancies as they arise, maximizing your property’s revenue stream.

Credit Check
At CA Condo management, we run extensive credit reports on prospective tenants. We examine carefully every single application and reject automatically those who show an eviction on record.

Rent Collections
We will take responsibility for collecting rent from tenants and will make every effort to ensure that tenants pay in full and on time. In case an eviction becomes necessary, we will represent the owner in court.

Cash Flow Analysis
We will provide you periodically with a revenue & expense statement and a cash flow analysis for a better overview of your investment. The cash flow analysis is available on our website for customers.

Maintenance and Repairs
We offer the flexibility of using your choice of professionals or to use our licensed and bonded team selected for responsiveness, quality of work, and cost efficiency.