The Real Value Of Your Multi-Unit
Apartment Building

If you own an apartment building or complex of 50 units or more that is 80% occupied, you can expect at least a 24% increase in your cash return when you convert it to condominiums with Cambridge Companies LLC.

Converting your apartments to condominiums makes your property open to a larger pool of buyers at much higher prices. Because you’re selling to individual investors, your gains are based on retail pricing verses the wholesale price a single investor demands.

Cambridge Companies has successfully converted existing multi-unit apartment properties throughout the country. We handle all the legal, financial, architectural, construction, and marketing details on your behalf including; polling existing tenants, advertising to outside buyers, closing sales, and establishing the Condominium Association.

Cambridge Companies will conduct a free “Conversion Work Up Study” on your behalf. We will determine what your property is worth on a conversion basis and how best to turn your equity into cash.

If together, we determine that your property is a conversion candidate…

* Cambridge Companies will Pay All Upfront Costs of the conversion.
* We will structure the deal on a Joint Venture or Up Front Buy Out basis.
* If you have a Conduit Loan, we will work with your lender regardless of the defeasance penalty expense.
* Cambridge Companies will provide all the guidance, counsel and support necessary to turn your equity into cash.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We won’t waste your time trying to convert an apartment building or complex that isn’t an ideal candidate. We make our money only when your project is converted and sold out.

To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation at your complex, or in our Cleveland, Ohio offices, please call 216.830.0000, email, or use the SUBMIT form on this web site’s “Contact Us” page.