You Profit From Our Professionalism

We understand that before you purchase a condominium property you must determine its true profit potential. And then realize that gain. Our analysis will show you the cost and returns associated with each of our projects. You choose what best fits your financial needs.

Cambridge Companies LLC is a developer and conversion specialist of condominiums. We buy and sell condominiums to our clients at wholesale prices with high net returns. We sell condominiums wholesale to investors seeking positive cash flow properties.

Our pricing to our clients is based upon cash flow. Although appreciation is desirable, as with the current market fluxuations, appreciation can be reversed. But with cash flow you are not tied to the market appreciation values. Your cash flow remains regardless of what the market is doing. People need to live somewhere.

Cambridge Companies is a completely self-contained Real estate investment company, specializing in condominium sales and conversions. Our Company offers decades of real estate experience and expertise, including a wide range of professional services:

• Cash Flow properties
• Legal
• Architectural Design
• Construction
• Leasing
• Marketing
• Management
• Maintenance

Cambridge Companies has converted and sold well over 2,325 units and is on the road to doubling that number this year.

We’re able to complete that many successful sales due to our ability to evaluate a project and determine its viability as a positive cash flow real estate investment.